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  • CERNATA Multicell wipes are the ultimate lint and fibre free wipe available.

  • Each wipe is made from 2 PLY continuous filament polyester and Ultrsonic laser cut and sealed on all four sides.

  • They are designed for OEM and high quality manufacturing facilities who require the most clean and absorbent wipes available.

  • ISO 4 Class 10 cleanroom manufactured wipes made from 100% continuous fibre polyester.

  • Each wipe has a Unique quilting pattern for optimum contamination & liquid holding capacity.

  • Leaves no residue or surface film.

  • Ideal for OEM Manuafcturing, aerospace component, electronic, research, critical paint operations,solvent line and finesse repairs.

Code Format Size Wipes Case Size
DMC30 PACK 30 x 30cm 100 10
DMC40 PACK 40 x 40cm 100 5


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