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  • Our cleaning rags are created from new and recycled material in our own production facilities.

  • We produce over 20 different grades of cleaning rag.

  • Experienced staff and regular quality checks ensure our wipes are produced to the highest standard.

Code Description Usage
CW Coloured Rag
10 kg Poly Pack
A Cost effective wipe containing no silks. Ideal for general cleaning tasks where a specialist wipe is not necessary.
WW White Rag
10 kg Poly Pack
Cotton-rich white cloths suitable for most industrial applications.
TCCR-10 Coloured T-shirt Cloths
10 kg Poly Pack
Soft cleaning cloth. Used for general purpose cleaning, mopping up oil and service fluids made from washed t-shirts cut to generous size pieces.
T/W Coloured Towelling
10 kg Poly Pack
Very absorbent wiping cloth, well suited for absorbing grease oil and water spillages and general wiping tasks.
WCL* White Cotton Linen Wipes
10 kg Carton
High quality linen used for cleaning machinery hydraulics and various chemicals and inks leaving surfaces dry and clean . Washed and sterilised. Extremely low linting.
FW Cotton Flannelette Wipes
10 kg Poly Pack
Soft cotton polishing cloth. Used for furniture and machine polishing where a specialist cloth is not required.


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